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Anti-Social behaviour Task Group

1. Introduction

The Borough Services Panel set up at their meeting of the 20th September, an Anti-Social Behaviour Task and Finish Group.

Attached to this paper are:

r Membership – Appendix 1
r Terms of Reference – Appendix 2
r People interviewed – Appendix 3
r Bibliography – Appendix 3

2. Key issues identified:

The group identified the following issues for further investigation (as set out fully in the interim report dated 6/12/04):

r Procedures
r Data
r Partners
r Role of the Council

3. Recommendations

i) Housing – issues examined:

a) Housing Register checks
b) Tenant transfers
c) Probationary tenancies
d) Information regarding previous criminal convictions, anti-social behaviour, evictions etc on the Housing Register application form
e) Housing Associations’ anti-social behaviour policies, exclusion policies
f) Sharing of information between agencies
g) Key performance indicator on housing associations deal with anti-social behaviour
h) The regularity and representation at the annual liaison meeting with housing associations
i) Housing Corporation Guidance.
j) Temporary Accommodation Policy.

Preliminary recommendations:
a) Housing register applications – information should be requested on previous criminal convictions, anti-social behaviour and evictions on the Housing Register application form
b) More appreciation and consideration should be given to the use of changes in tenancy security through probationary tenancies and demotion orders.
c) Housing associations anti-social behaviour policies and exclusion policies (and performance) should be a factor in selection of partner registered social landlords (key performance indicator).
d) The annual liaison meeting should be formalised and focus on anti-social behaviour, legislation, policies and performance, and have appropriate executive level representation from all social landlords. This is an opportunity for all parties to be updated on the latest changes in legislation.

ii) Park Rangers – issues examined:
a) High level of maintenance work carried out by Park Rangers rather than ‘policing’
b) Funding of service - 4.5 fte (RBC), 0.5 fte (Community Safety Partnership)
c) Good police liaison and links with Surrey Police regarding Rowhill Nature Reserve
d) Good links with partners
e) Accreditation of Park Rangers – pilot scheme in hand and welcomed
f) Recording of incidents/statistics
g) Majority of incidents recorded are encountered through routine patrols (80%) – 20% reported to Park Rangers.
h) Positive support received from the Police

Preliminary recommendations:
a) The proportion of time in policing our parks should be increased
b) Incident recording needs to be clearer with crime references linking serious incidents

iii) Street Scene and Parking officers – issues examined:
a) Majority of work carried out was clearing up the results of anti-social behaviour rather than dealing with anti-social behaviour
b) Fixed penalty notices and other legal powers appear adequate
c) Role of Parking Attendants and Street Scene officers
d) Repairs to telephone boxes and non Council street furniture
e) Costs of repairs

Preliminary recommendations:
a) Better intelligence feedback from Street Scene officers and Parking Attendants
b) Need to re-charge BT and others for repairs and clean ups

4. Corporate and General Recommendations

a) Co-ordination of all front line services through a regular (at least quarterly) meeting to ensure that work is targeted in priority areas, that intelligence is shared efficiently and officers are updated on legislation.

b) Need to keep better track of vandalism costs.

c) Consider potential for harmonisation of roles across all services involved in dealing with anti-social behaviour.

d) Develop the use of the website to encourage reporting of anti-social behaviour and to inform the public of the actions we are taking.

e) The Council should encourage and promote better parenting (eg parenting courses).

f) Use legislation to hold parents responsible for their children’s behaviour.

S:\SHARED\Borough Services\Notes\ASB\ASB report 310105.doc

Appendix 1


r Councillor David Clifford

r Councillor Linda Neil

r Councillor Mike Roberts

r Councillor Peter Sandy

r Councillor Neil Watkin

r Peter Gardner, Director of Resources & Lead Officer for Borough Services Panel

r Andrew Colver, Head of Democratic Services

r Kathy Flatt, Democratic Support Officer

Appendix 2


r The Purpose
To examine available data and information and develop proposals to tackle and develop anti-social behaviour in the Borough for recommending to the Cabinet and the Rushmoor Community Safety Partnership.

r Methodology
1. Identify and examine data/information on anti-social behaviour in the Borough and to discuss local issues with appropriate agencies, such as the Police, the Youth Service and housing associations.

2. Identify options for dealing with anti-social behaviour for recommendation to appropriate bodies.

3. Provide support to the work being undertaken by the Rushmoor Community Safety Partnership.

4. Formulate any specific recommendations in relation to services provided by Rushmoor Borough Council.

r Timescale
Report to Borough Services Panel on 6th December 2004.

r Membership
Four Members from the Borough Services Policy and Review Panel with support from the Community Safety Team and other agencies as required.

The Group’s principal adviser will be the Borough Services Panel’s Lead Officer.

Appendix 3


The following have attending the group meetings and assisted in explaining their role and provided information:

r Superintendent Jo Apps, Hampshire Police
r Helen Lolley, Environmental Health Manager
r Jim Pettitt, Head of Street Scene
r Brian Stephens, Parks and Horticulture Officer.
r Steve Harris, Senior Park Ranger
r Alison Whiteley, Head of Housing Services
r Suzannah Hellicar, Housing Advice Manager
r Bob Lampard, Community Safety Manager
r Clare Holland, Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator
r John Edwards, Director of Environmental Services


r Rushmoor Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy 2002/05 (Rushmoor Community Safety Partnership)
r Rushmoor Crime and Disorder Audit 2004 (Rushmoor Community Safety Team)
r A Guide to Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (Home Office)
r Typology of Anti-Social Behaviour (Research Development and Statistics Directorate)
r A Local Guide to Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (Rushmoor and Hart Community Safety Partnerships)
r Human Rights Act
r Sustainable Solutions to Anti-Social Behaviour (Local Government Association)
r Good Practice in Managing the Evening and Late Night Economy (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister)
r ‘Building Communities, Beating Crime’ (Home Office policy paper)
r Comments received from local residents

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