Friday, 11 March 2005

Local Tory Bloodbath ?

The much prophesied bloodbath following the announcement that John Marsh was standing down as leader of Rushmoor, has evaporated as quickly as it was created by Labour and Lib Dem councillors, who are desperate for another story to take the "heat" off them, and the light away from illuminating their abismal performance.

John Marsh has resigned as Leader not because of any "in fighting" or pressure as some wish you to believe. He has left office to serve the Borough with his wife as Deputy Mayor & Deputy Mayoress, and I hope as Mayor & Mayoress the year after. I want to applaud this move by John, who has taken the opportunity to work in an asignment that involves serving the Borough with his wife. The spouses of elected members are the forgotten hero's sometimes, while we as local polititians are taking credit, and busy working for local people. This must be especially true of the Leaders wife. I know Margaret has been a tower of strength to John as leader, and look forward to seeing them work together in this special role that enables politicians to work along side instead of in front of their spouses. Well done John

The Leader elect was nominated and supported unchallenged. Peter Moyle has served with John as Deputy Leader since John Marsh's appointment as Leader, and has carried out that role with great enthusiasm and dedication. Peter was unapposed which gives you an idea of the respect he has within our group. Congratulations Peter. We look forward to you building on the good work John Marsh has done in the face of intolerable constraints put in our path by this Labour Government.

John & Margaret will take office as Deputy Mayor & Deputy Mayoress this May, when Peter Moyle will also officially take over as Council Leader

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