Tuesday, 3 May 2005

Our Hope for a better Britain

In the final days of this campaign, the contrast between the Conservatives and the rest could not be starker. Our message is about the future – action on cleaner hospitals, more police, lower taxes, school discipline, controlled immigration.
The Lib Dems want an end to mandatory life sentences for murder and, like Mr Blair, higher taxes and unlimited immigration.
After 8 years in office Mr Blair’s only message about the future is “don’t let the Tories in”. That’s it – that’s the limit of his vision. With 408 MPs and a 161 seat majority, Labour think they can get away with even higher taxes, higher crime and
unlimited immigration.
Days before an election, Mr Blair suddenly pretends he cares about your issues. But if he won on Thursday, make no mistake: he’d be back to his old ways on Friday.
Mr Blair’s hope is just to keep his job; and the Lib Dems will help him do that. Our hope is for a better Britain.
So if you think what we think and want a better Britain too – YOU must send that message.
If you think what we think and want cleaner hospitals – YOU must send that message.
If you think what we think and want more police and tougher sentences – YOU must send that message.
If you think what we think and want lower taxes – YOU must send that message.
If you think what we think and want school discipline – YOU must send that message.
If you think what we think and want a limit on immigration – YOU must send that message.

Britons are ready for something better. They want a government that will take a stand and act on what matters – cleaner hospitals, lower taxes, more police, school discipline and controlled immigration. And they want a government that does what it says. So here is a timetable for eight specific tasks that Michael Howard has made his personal priority to see achieved.
On 9 May 2005, we will set out our plans to prevent police officers having to fill in a form every time they stop a yob in the street.
By 6 June 2005, we will have signed up hospitals to put matron in charge of delivering cleaner hospitals.
By 6 June 2005, we will have set in train a new 24-hour surveillance scheme to secure our borders.
By 7 April 2006, we will make sure that all 35 major British ports of entry will be operating under the scheme.
By 1 December 2005, classrooms will benefit from unruly pupils being expelled under our plans to give head teachers complete control over expulsions.
By 1 April 2006, up to five million pensioners will have received their new council tax bills showing a discount of up to £500.
By 6 April 2006, the first young families will have benefited from our abolition of stamp duty on houses costing up to £250,000.
By 1 September 2006, students going to university will be freed from paying all tuition fees and Mr. Blair’s planned top up fees will not be introduced.
By 31 December 2006, we will have created a single body to fight illegal immigration – the British Border Control Police – and their 5,400 strong force will be under one unified control.
It’s time for action.
Take a stand on the issues that matter.

Promoted by Gavin Barwell on behalf of the Conservative Party, both at 25 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0DL. Printed by the Conservative Party.

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