Friday, 6 January 2006

Pictures from Egypt

Now this is what I call public art.

... and this a water feature.

..but who gave this planning permission. Not the ancient arches in the forground..

..the "I'm lovin' it" arches behind!

..I was "hatin it"

Arches aside, Egypt is a fantastic place to visit. Wonderful weather, friendly people and the worlds biggest outdoor museum. Words cannot do the place justice, in fact, nor do my pictures. But they give a small indication of the wonder that is Egypt. So here are a few of my favorite memories of the Land of the Pharaoes.

Luxor temple by night

Sunset on the Nile aboard a Fallucca.

Paying homage to the sacred Scarab of Karnak Temple. Seven circuits and you will be blessed with good health and good luck. I ran out of breath and finished only five!! I wonder if it will help my turbulant political career?

A hyrogliphic on an Obelisk in the Karnak Temple showing what I found to be a frequent and public display of affection between the Pharaohs and their Queens. Very different from the public image of our own Royal family.

The Hot Air Balloon gives a unique and breath taking perspective of the landscape.
One can see the irony of history. Villages inhabited by poor subsistance farmers nesting between the Temples and Tombs of ancient Royalty and nobility.

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