Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Ist Resident email newsletter

Dear Residents

It has been a pleasure getting out and meeting you all, and discussing the local issues that concern you. I intend to keep you informed, as best I can, about the key local matters that are important to us, and what I am doing about them. I will also try to keep my blog http://cllrclifford.blogspot.com/ up to date with a variety of things political and non-political that I am doing, or that I have found interesting.

1. Email Newsletters and Bulletins: I am building an electronic address book of local residents emails, in order to keep you informed of local issues and make you aware of the work we local Conservatives are doing on your behalf. This does not mean we will stop leaflets going through doors, but it will give us more ways of keeping in touch and make residents aware of the difference we can make and are making.

2. Bin Collections: I share the concerns of many residents about the proposal to reduce the weekly household waste collections to every 2 weeks alternated with the recycle bin collection. Last Council meeting I voiced publicly those concerns which were shared by many other Councillors. The aim of this proposal is to encourage residents to recycle more. I have been assured there will be some acceptions, for example flats. My concern is leaving decaying rubbish uncollected for two weeks. The irony is that I am told we should put this is plastic bags. I thought we wanted to reduce the use of plastic bags. However, many Councils have already introduced this without any great problems. Here in Rushmoor this proposal will go out to public consultation from the end of March for about a month , then back to the Borough's Cabinet for the final decision in May or June. If people want to write in to express a view please send an email to helen.edwards@rushmoor.gov.uk

3. Farnborough Airfield: An amended proposal for weekend flying has now been received and the Council are re-consulting all those who have previously responded (1500). This public consultation will finish 17th March. No date has been set for a special Planning meeting to determine this application, but it is hoped to be before the summer. However, we need to be sure all the issues are thoroughly examined before the application is determined. Having spoken to a number of residents about this issue, I know many of you feel we should not be giving TAG any "open cheques" to do what they want. Flying is an important and welcome part of Farnborough. Many feel we need a healthy and respectful relationship between TAG and the community, this means compromise not just on the community side, but on TAG's side too. There is no doubt the Council are doing the very best to consult as widely and thoroughly as possible. Note: At the moment I cannot express a view as it would stop me participating in any debate on the subject at Council and voting, which I need to do.

4. Farnborough Town Centre: A public inquiry into the road closure order took place in January. We are now awaiting a decision from the Secretary of State for Transport Mr Alistair Darling......but don't know when the decision will be made. However, there is still much more we could be doing to make the place look a little tidier. I will be pressing for more to be done, as well as keeping up the pressure on KPI the developer to "get on with it". Sainsbury is definitely signed up to the scheme now, so progress is being made albeit far too slowly for me.

5.Prospect Rd / Cove Green Car Park Pay & Display: I have been out and met with residents in this area, and must say I am concerned about a few aspects of this scheme. I have spoken to our Highways Department, and asked for a review. If you are unhappy with the scheme please email Jim Pettitt on jpettitt@rushmoor.gov.uk . I will be keeping a very close eye on how this scheme progresses.
I am also alarmed at the speed at which some motorists will go along Prospect Rd right next to a park where children play. I will be seeing what practical steps we can take to tackle this issue which could cost someone their life. In the meantime I have asked for a SpeedVisor to be installed which has been successful in other parts of the Borough reducing motorists speed. It is a device that shows motorists their speed.

6. Cove Green: We have the CCTV camera in operation now and everything seems quieter. We will see for sure once we get into the summer. Some residents have suggested the camera is in the wrong location, so I have spoken to our Camera people who have assured me they can see a lot more than is assumed. Our Community Safety team are also happy that the location of the camera helps to deal with the unacceptable issues that were taking place. I have also spoken to our Head of Parks with Cllr Patricia Hodge about refurbishing the Pavilion. Shortly, I intend to meet with the young people that use the park to find out what they think of the facility, and how they can help make Cove Green a better place for everyone.

7. Bus Lanes: We are very upset that the County Council has suggested it will take no action to remove the Bus Lanes outside Bradford's Garage and "The Ship" Pub, despite reports saying they were unsatisfactory. If you feel strongly that the bus Lanes are dangerous outside the Ship pub and Bradford's garage email Cllr Glen who is going to make the decision on this jonathan.glen@hants.gov.uk

8. Parking Highfield Road: There is a problem in this road with parking on verges and with cars from King & Robinson taking up lots of valuable car space. I will talk to our Highways people about this and will be sending an email to King & Robinson and see what happens. Much of this will be down to the good will we can get from King and Robinson as they have every right to park on any public highway. With the verges we have two options tarmac over them or encourage people not to park on them.

9. Conservation Areas: I am currently working on improving our conservation areas. I want to see better quality street furniture and better maintenance of roads and buildings. My idea is to have a balanced partnership between residents and the Council with both working equally to preserve the character of these zones. At the moment it can sometimes feel like everything is down to the residents alone. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this let me know.

If you know other residents who would welcome a copy of my newsletter or if you do not want to be on the mailing list anymore simply email me on david@empress-tory.org

If there issues you want me to tackle / discuss or have suggestions, observations or criticism's please email me. I can only be a good councillor with your help. I also want you to know that although I am a Conservative I am here to work for all residents regardless of your politics or whether you vote or not. And I will speak up for what I think is right regardless of which Party is running the Council.

Warm regards
Cllr. David Clifford
Empress Action Team.
Tel 01252 371111
Printed & published by David Clifford, Wellington House, 40 Avenue Road, Farnborough, Hampshire. GU14 7BL

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