Monday, 9 July 2007

Concept House Building Schedule

A build phasing plan is attached to this report it is proposed that the site is constructed on two fronts with blocks A and G,H,J containing the under croft car parking to be commenced the same time as Blocks B-F. This will allow for the works to podium slab to be completed as the super structures to B-F are completed thus giving us an even flow of construction enabling us to procure and order efficiently.
This gives completion dates as follows:
Blocks B-D November 08 to March 09
Blocks E-F February 09 to April 09
Block A February 09 to July 09
Block GHJ May 09 to January 10

Construction method statement
Before works commence tree protection fencing will be erected in accordance with the Tree Protection Plan, Phase 2: Primary Construction and Arboricultural Method
Statement prepared by Forbes Laird Arboricultural Consultancy. No construction work will take place within these areas until such time as the works are completed entirely. When work does take place within these areas it will be under the supervision of the Arboricultural Consultant and in accordance with the Arboricultural Method Statement.
The site working hours will be between 0800-1800 on Monday to Friday and 0800-1300 on Saturdays.
Service vehicle movements associated with site preparation, site clearance, pile driving and construction work will be restricted to the hours of 0700-1900 Monday to Saturdays, and 1000-1600 Sundays and Bank Holidays.
The Site is piled throughout with an element of under croft parking to Blocks A,G,H, and J which will be constructed of reinforced concrete. The blocks will be traditionally built with brick and block and hollow plank floors, with the exception of block J which will be constructed of reinforced concrete because it rises to six storeys. The site access will be from Rectory Road, there is sufficient room on site to allow lorries to turn round. Traffic movements of large plant will be coordinated to ensure minimal disruption to local residents.

Wheel washing Facilities
Manual jet washing of plant/lorry wheels will take place using a jet wash at the delivery access point from Rectory Road. Every effort will be made to construct all roads and hard standings to base course level to improve road cleaning and to ensure that muck and dust are restricted to within the site boundary.

Parking Strategy
There will be no allocation of on site parking for contractors they will utilise the public car parks within the area. After consultation signage will be erected in adjoining roads indicating no parking for site operatives, and a condition that public car parks must be used will be written into each order placed so that the contractor can allow for the extra cost in his price submission. Trades will be encouraged to car share to reduce the required amount of parking.

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