Monday, 6 August 2007

Foot & Mouth - Rushmoor Statement

Andrew Lloyd the Council Chief Executive has put out the following statement:

"Residents are being reassured that there is no risk to public health following the discovery of foot and mouth disease in cattle in Surrey on Friday.
Although Aldershot and Farnborough are within the ten-kilometre Defra surveillance zone, the disease cannot be passed to humans and all footpaths and common land areas remain open.
This means people do not need to stay away from the countryside, but are asked to follow any precautionary measures in place on livestock premises, such as disinfection.
The abattoir in North Camp is closed and there is a national ban in place on the movement of livestock.
Rushmoor Borough Council will continue to liaise closely with Hampshire County Council, Defra and the national Animal Health Service to monitor the situation.
Anyone concerned about the disease can find more information on the Defra website,
They can also contact either the Defra helpline, 0845 9335577 or Hampshire County Council’s helpline on 01962 844106."

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