Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Farnborough Town Centre Update

I have had an email from KPI the developers today and got the following update:

Demolition. The Tanner & Taylor building on Victoria Road is now vacant and will be demolished in March once the gas supply has been disconnected.

Service Diversions. McNicolas are on site and will be diverting the mains services between now and May along Westmead and connecting into Queensmead from behind the hoardings.

Solartron Housing for Pavilion. This is due to be complete in June and once the Tenants have moved over then the Firgrove Court demolition will follow.

The above items all need to happen in order to clear the way for a start on site in July with the main scheme. With this we are able to deliver the entire scheme in one go rather than the different stages we had in the past.

The website and scheme naming will be launched before the end of February and this will provide an information point for customers. We will also be erecting new hoardings with some of this information.

The Cinema planning consent has now been granted. We have submitted our footpath closure application to GOSE and will be pushing for this to be advertised albeit the indication I am given that this could take 4 weeks.

The application for the North Mead retail scheme (on the site of Millets and Classic Cleaners) is with the council for consideration. This simply completes the redevelopment of the centre of the town.

Finally we are looking in detail at the refurbishment of the Kingsmead Multi-storey Car park later in the year.

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