Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The real magic of Family History

Dad 1931 - 2001 - who inspired my love of family History research

I just got this today from someone we were related to in Australia. I have removed the surnames to protect the innocent! I share it not to boast, but to illustrate how family history is not just about linking together dead people.

" Words are not enough to thank you for making your family tree public. Through your work I have been able to unite my 80 years old father with a full sister (81 years old) that he has never met.

Florence, (daughter of William & Rosina), was my grandmother's (Vera) half sister. Vera's parents were Rosina & her second husband Arthur. My aunt was sent to Florence and her husband John for adoption when she was 3 years old. Family circumstances were such that I did not know who had adopted my aunt and I did not know her surname after adoption. I never knew any of my fathers family. My father & aunt are the last 2 of 8 children left.

Your trail of marriages for Florence assisted me greatly. In fact Florence married yet again after John died. You have helped to make two elderly people very very happy in their twilight years. Thank you again."

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