Sunday, 1 February 2009

My new Blackberry Storm Phone

Well - good news and bad news:

Bad news is my phone died and I have lost all my telephone numbers - the second time this year. The first time, I was parachuting all week, without any problem with my phone - then went go-Karting and broke it!! This time it just quietly died, and I have lost everything on it.

Good news is I have the new Blackberry Storm - that seems to be able to do everything, even linking with my msn and facebook accounts. How frightening is that? It also plays fantastic music on it and awsome video. So no more boring Council meetings for this councillor!! I can still be working while listening to others gasing.

Vodafone Farnborough are not an official business outlet, but the staff there are fantastic, very business aware and helpful, and extremely patient, especially with the dangerous clients like myself who think they know about mobile phones, but actually do not have a clue.

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