Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Aldershot Air Cadet takes on the Atlantic and wins

Nice to see my old 413 squadron is still actively giving young people great opportunities. I found a great outlet for my love of aviation as a young Cadet, and had some great experiences with them including my first solo flight at age 16yrs.

The air cadet from 413 Aldershot Sqn is F/Sgt Emma Sweetman, aged 18 years.

Full details of the expedition can be found at

Emma has just finished the first leg of this round the world race between three yachts, one each from the Army, Navy and RAF.

Emma is on the RAF Yacht Discoverer. The 14 crew are made up of regular and reserve RAF and two air cadets. Emma is the youngest on board !

They had three weeks to sail from Gosport to the Canaries, where another crew take the yacht onto the next destination. Before she left Emma had a weeks training at the Joint Services Sailing Centre in Go sport. The yacht 'Discoverer' has a crew of 14 made up from RAF regulars, reserve and cadets. Incidentally, Emma is the youngest on 0Aboard.

Mo Clark
OC 413 Aldershot Sqn ATC

Update. Emma is now in the Canaries and will fly back home this Sunday.
Emma was fortunate not to suffer from sea sickness at all through the trip.

Her blog can be found on this site -

Quote – Emmas CO at Aldershot Air Cadets says

‘We are all very proud of Emma taking on this formidable challenge. She has never been sailing before yet she wasn’t sea sick once on the whole trip. To be the youngest person in the crew on board a 60 foot yacht in the atlantic must be pretty scary. But Emma was up to it and tells us she enjoyed every minute. That’s the sort person she is, up for every challenge’

Aldershot Air Cadets are currently taking names for new recruits. Boys and girls aged 13 to 16 can apply to and for more information look at the web site at

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