Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Government Grant - 25% cut to Rushmoor

We will do all we can to protect key public services, but there will inevitably be significant cuts.

That is the stark warning from Rushmoor Borough Council following the Government’s finance settlement announcement on Monday.

While the Government’s quoted reduction in grant to Rushmoor is 7.41%, the Council believes that in cash terms, this will actually mean a cut of 25% for 2011/12.

Over the next two years combined, the reduction in grant looks likely to be 32%.

And while the Council has already made significant savings of £1.1 million and planned a further £1.5 million in anticipation of a 10% grant reduction, it will now have to consider further, major savings.

Cllr Clifford says " This is the inevitable fallout from the gross mismanagement of Government finances over the last few years of the Labour Government. 

The new coalition Government is working closely with Local Government to ensure front line services are protected and local authorities are being given more freedom from central government control, which they need to introduce innovation, so they can deliver to local residents better value for money.

This will involve some tough choices, but local Conservatives will ensure necessary public services are protected and the best interest of residents considered above anything else." 

Conservative Councils do more for less.

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