Monday, 9 May 2011

I have been 'slammed' by

I have learnt a new word today. Slamming. This is when you are taken from your telephone provider without your consent. Ltd has just slammed me, and because BT were late in advising me that my service was being removed, I lost the line for a brief period.

I rang BT and the first advisor told me there was nothing that he could do.

So I rang Ofcom, who said the best thing to do was to get BT to take it back by immediately placing an order with them. Why did the BT advisor not tell me this?

So I went back to BT and got a more helpful advisor that was aware what to do.

I then complained to Ofcom, who said that they would get to call me within 5 days (from 20th April 2011). They did not. So I then called Ofcom again. are not under any legal obligation to call me so they didn't. And Ofcom said as do not have an ombudsman, they cannot take any further action, but said they would note the complaint and take action if there were more complaints from others.

I am of course free to take my own legal course of action!! Hey thanks for the support Ofcom.

I am taking this matter up with our MP and would be interested in any other slamming issues residents have experienced.

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