Wednesday, 14 December 2011


***Neighbourhood watch Alert***

Dear Co-ordinators: Please pass this Alert on to your residents:

Last night, Tuesday the 13/12/2011 there where 7 vehicles broken into in the Farnborough area.  The thieves managed to steal sat nav's, cash and mobile phones which were left on display in the vehicles. 

This did NOT happen on beat one, however I would like to remind everyone to remove all valuables from their vehicles when parking them overnight.

We are carrying out numerous overnight patrols in the Farnborough area including plain clothes patrols.  If you should see anything suspicious please call using the 101 phone number or 999 in an emergency or if you see something 'in progress'

If you would like any information on security please contact a member of your beat team:

Kind regards

Beth, Richard and James

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