Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Robbery of Santander, Farnborough

There was an armed robbery of two security guards who were delivering cash to the bank.  It happened between 2200 – 2225 on Monday January 9th at the Santander Branch in Eastmead.
One of the guards was assaulted but not seriously injured.
It happened at a time where not many people were around, so the risk to the public was very low.

Police are currently following up enquiries and asking for any one who may have seen anything suspicious in the area.  We believe that the offenders used a white car and they may have had a near miss with a White Audi as they left the car park.

PS. One resident said to me today "Now they know what some of their customers feel like". It appears few people have sympathy for Banks these days.
I hasten to add that I was home working on my dissertation - no witnesses unfortunately. I would like to know how much they got away with.


Anonymous said...

Unless it has moved, I thought Santender was in Queensmead!

Anonymous said...

I agree with comment by local resident. I regard banks as criminal organisations that robs us. I have little sympathy for the banks.