Thursday, 8 September 2005

Back from the most fantastic Holiday in France

It doesnt get much better than this. Flying free as a bird surveying the beautiful landscape below, wind in your face, sun on your back, 1000 feet below you and miles of space above you.

The picture is of me with my French wing flying over Le Reole in Bordeaux at 7am in the morning. The sun gently evaporating the clouds which are rolling back to welcome a new day. Its great to be alive.

I have to say, the French could not have been more delightful and friendly. I was warmed by their genuine hospitality and warmth. While out on a flight several of us had to land in a field unexpectedly. In Britain this is a tense moment, not because of any flying danger, but you just are not sure how the farmer or land owner will react. I "landed out"(as we call it) twice while I was in France, the first time the farmer came out to us, unarmed and offered 8 of us breakfast with him. The second time the landowner came out and warmly greeted me. Everywhere we went I found the French to be very warm and friendly. So for the record...I think the French are great and cannot wait to go back.

This sport is one of the cheapest forms of flying, the parawing and engine cost about the same as a reasonable second hand car (more reliable I must add) and with a good instructor, and serious practice you can be up flying in no time.

Here I am landing with my trusty French ITV Tepee Wing and faithful German engine, on our last day of flying in France

If you are interested in learning more about this sport called Paramotoring or want to see more pictures visit our club web site and learn more.

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