Friday, 16 September 2005

My Lydia is a copper!!!

Not only are the police looking younger, my daughter has become one! A scary thought! Yes there is a WPC Clifford on the loose. They cant be accepting people in that young surely?

I am very proud of her. She has always wanted to be a policewoman. And I am delighted she has not chosen to go into the traffic section!! ( I am down to just 3 points at last).
She is going to be a good policewoman. She is strongminded and very determined, but Lydia has a big heart and is very compassionate. Having said that, don't mess with her, she will take no nonsense. And I will be treading carefully if I am out wandering in her patch when she is on duty, in fact it will probably be safer for me to ask permission first.

I am horrified at the abuse they get these days. And it seems the hand cuffs are on the police more than the criminals. The paperwork she has to complete is horrific. All to protect who? The police? No! The victim? No! The law abiding public? No! All to make sure the criminals rights are protected. The only people that love all the paperwork are the criminals and their well paid Barristers (sorry sister in law - well paid Barrister not criminal by the way). Now there is a scary thought, arrested by daughter and cross examined by sister in law!
Anyway. Well done Lydia, and keep safe out there ... its dangerous. And most people just don't appreciate the scum you have to deal with so often. Yet we expect the Police to be perfect, all of the time, while so easily excusing frequently the appauling behaviour of criminals.

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