Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Well done 12th Mechanised Brigade

I for one was very proud of 12 MB assisting in the release of two captured soldiers recently. I believe our British Troops are the best in the world. No exeptions. And their behaviour and discipline in combat is unsurpassed. We also have the best trained officers in the world, and some exeptional commanders in the field.

It is so easy for people in the safety and comfort of their armchairs to level critisism at our troops without the faintest idea of what the situation on the ground is like and with no idea of what it is like to function under fire, let alone make good split second dicisions that will result in the loss or saving of life.

Having spent a few moments with this Brigade (picture is me borrowing one of their off road vehicles), and knowing many of them, I just want to say well done, thank you for what you are doing. It is a thankless job, and no-one else could do it better.

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