Tuesday, 16 May 2006

A Midas Touch?

On a business trip to Turkey this week I took time to visit two of the ancient seats of civilisation in Anotolia and Gordion. Turkey is often underestimated (as we found to our cost in 1915). My first trip took me to the ancient Kingdom of Gordion, where the famous King Midas ruled (B.C.700), and is buried in the largest know tumulus. he was blessed and cursed with the ability to touch an object and turn it to gold. On the brink of starvation the Gods allowed King Midas to wash himself of this gift in the River Pactolus. A river that carries gold dust to this day. (I knew I should have packed my swimming trunks). The burial chamber is 450 feet deep into the burial mound and is like a little swiss cabin made of pine - and still in tact. An access tunnel for visitors enables you to look into the last resting place of this legendary ruler portrayed in the ancient Myth.
I also saw the remains of the great Hittite Empire with their monuments, statues, and reliefs that reminded me of my recent visit to Egypt. Above and below are a few pictures I took. One is of the great King Tarhunza who ruled BC800 and the other is of some bird men who I felt some empathy for!

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