Tuesday, 19 September 2006

I oppose 2 week Bin Collections

The Cabinet have agreed (Tuesday afternoon 26th Sept 2006) to go for a pilot scheme covering 20% of the Borough, this is likely to be early in the New Year, I have been told by one senior officer February. The 20% will cover a range of dwellings so it is highly likely a part of Empress will involved. The pilot will last for 6 months concluding in the Summer. The pilot will be accompanied by an intensified education campaign in order help maximise the success of the pilot. The result of the pilot will then be evaluated and a decision will be made whether the scheme should be rolled out Borough wide. During the pilot period I will be insisting they monitor use of the already busy Council Tip. I am also dissappointed they will not use the pilot period to evaluate other options like collecting a smaller bin every week.

I personally think this is ill conceived, and am aghast we are going to experiment on 20% of our residents! In my opinion we could have phased in a much gentler yet effective plan to tackle this issue, keeping residents positive about the Council and working in partnership rather than this rather abrasive approach. I remain hopeful that some sensible approach will be found that is practical and of real environmental value.

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