Saturday, 9 September 2006

Oradour sur Glane - France

On the way back home my daughter Charlotte and I paid our respects to the innocents murdered in Oradour sur Glane.

Village of the martyrs ... preserved as it was the day the soldiers left 10th June 1944

Over 640 villagers - men, women and children slaughtered, then the homes torched and bodies dumped into a mass grave. But the broken walls and empty streets live on and remember so we can not forget. Following the emotional seperation of the men from their women and children, the men were shot in the village square, and the women and children butchered in of all places the holy sanctuary of the church. Sealing the eternal damnation of the wicked souls responsible.

Cars left in the Garage courtyard where they were burt 10 June 1944

It was a privilaged to visit this village, and I felt the blood of the innocent shed here made every patch of ground I stepped on sacred. It was quiet, no-one spoke loudly, all instinctively whispered. My heart was heavy as I contemplated the complete and utter waste of life, and how fragile but how very precious life is.

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