Friday, 25 January 2008

This is the place to have a baby

Maternity services at Frimley Park Hospital have been rated the best in the London and south east region by NHS watchdog the Healthcare Commission.

The trust was given the top “best performing” rating for its midwifery care in the Healthcare Commission review, which focused on whether trusts provided a high quality, value-for-money maternity service.

The review scored 25 key indicators covering care from when the mother first experiences maternity services to about 10 days after birth.

Frimley Park was one of only 38 trusts nationally that had an overall result of best performing. Its average score for the 25 indicators was the best in the London south east region which includes Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Among the areas in which Frimley Park scored full marks was its antenatal screening programme. Women are offered a combined scan and a blood test which enables the risk of their baby having Downs syndrome to be calculated.

The review also incorporated the results of a survey of mothers who gave birth in the unit*, eight out of ten of whom rated their care as “good” or “excellent”.

Frimley’s head of midwifery Adrienne Price said: “We are delighted with the results and we realise it is the contribution of all women in our care who have given us our excellent mark.

“The report has been very helpful in highlighting those areas where we would wish to develop services. For example our patients told us the homeliness of our delivery rooms could be better [score 2 out of 5] and we are pleased to report that we are currently refurbishing and expanding our maternity facilities.

“People today want individual and quality care. Our board of directors have recognised our reputation and have invested in our future. For example we are currently recruited six more midwives.”

Chris Ball, general manager for women and children’s services, said: “Adrienne and her staff have worked very hard to provide the best possible service to women in our population.
“The secret of our success is leadership, motivation, supporting women, being flexible and listening to their views.

“Everyone works as a team. From the executive director to the housekeeper, we adopt a team approach to ensure that the women in our care receive a high quality service. We also look to constantly improve and this review will help us plan our future priorities.”

Cllr Clifford says: I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the Royal Family are now starting to use Frimley Park? The Duchess of Wessex has had two children here now. The "powers that be" could not allow such noble offspring to just be born anywhere. Whatever the reason, it is good to know local people can expect a Royal delivery at Frimley

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