Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bin Taxes are dead

Labour Ministers must repeal bin tax laws as Gordon Brown is humiliated.
No councils want to take part in Gordon Brown’s plans to hit families with new taxes.

In a major victory for the Conservative Party campaign against new bin taxes, Labour Ministers were today humiliated into admitting that no councils have bid to become a pilot to introduce the new taxes. Today was the deadline for councils to bid to become the first to introduce them. The Government had planned to introduce the taxes in five councils, before rolling out the taxes nationwide without any vote in Parliament.

Environment Minister Jane Kennedy has today admitted: "No local authorities have expressed an interest in piloting a scheme at this time" (Press Association, 21.01.09). Conservatives are demanding that the specific bin tax legislation, which received Royal Assent in November, is repealed to kill off the taxes completely. The Party has consistently campaigned against the new taxes since Labour first floated the plans. Liberal Democrats supported Labour’s bin tax plans.
Caroline Spelman, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, said: "Bin taxes are now dead in the water. This is a major snub for Gordon Brown and his Labour Ministers. The bin tax laws should now be repealed and taken off the statute book. These unpopular new taxes would harm the environment by fuelling fly-tipping and backyard burning, and hike tax bills for struggling families."
Cll Clifford said " This is a step in the right direction, any legislation that criminalises our customers, as this had the potential to do cannot be right"


Anonymous said...

Another step in the right direction would be in Rushmoor to shelve the bloody dumb idea of half-size wheelie bins. Or has this been quietly binned?

David Clifford said...

Hi Anonymous

I was a lone voice at Rushmoor against this idea, and I am glad to report that the costs (£600K - £700K) cannot justify the introduction of the smaller bins in the current economic climate. So you are safe for now.