Wednesday, 27 May 2009

New Web site -

Dear all,

Patients Talking is a free, non profit web site & I am kindly asking our members to spread the word about us in order to help us grow.
If you could forward on our site to 3 people you know that would be most kind.
We are a website that continues to help people share any of their health experiences within a safe and secure platform.

Thank you

Kind regards, Soozi Rowbotham - Founder of Patients Talking
Cllr Clifford comment:
Funny that this should come to my attention just as a resident that has undergone a mastectomy and chemotherapy contacted me. So I have been able to refer them to this new site. One thing I did notice, was how optomistic and happy this wonderful lady was - plenty to complain about, but she chose to tell me just how good the hospital and staff of the NHS have been. I often find in this work that those with most to complain about are the ones that complain least, and those that have little to complain about, complain the most.

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