Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tumble Down Dick update

After an enquiry from a resident, I sent the following letter, that serves as a useful update as to where we are currently:

Dear Resident
We are now able to give you a further update on action being taken to tackle this issue.
The Council have approached the freeholder to establish their current position and whether they are seeking to terminate the lease or take other action to take control of the site.
We have set up a group coordinated by John Edwards the Director for Environment Services to identify and review all options to tackle the issue. Environmental Health had already served a notice to tidy up the site and secure the outbuildings but we now need to get a long term solution.
We suspect that Spirit Inns may well intend carrying out the necessary works to re-open the pub and we will do all we can to bring this forward.
The building is not listed but is a Hampshire Treasure and an important part of Farnborough's history and heritage and we have a duty to do all we can to protect it.
Finally, please be assured the ward councillors are keeping a close eye on this site, and we are aware that our MP Gerald Howarth is also dealing directly with the owners.
Re-opening this building does not necessarily mean the live music venue will re-open, and I am discussing this with fellow ward councillors and others like the Farnborough Society as to how best to achieve this.
I hope this at least brings you up to date and makes you aware of the action being taken.
Warm regards
David Clifford
Empress Conservative Councillor.
"Together we can make a difference"


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the results! thank you everybody who has been involved in this!

David, would you also be able to provide an update on the HSBC building - I have read on the Historic Farnborough website that it is being turned into offices - is this correct and do you have any more details?

Cheers :)

David Clifford said...

Hi Steve

An update on the HSBC Building:

Planning permission was granted in November last year for an "Apart-hotel" (long term let hotel rooms a cross between a hotel room and an apartment, hense the name) involving an additional floor, some extensions and recladding of the building. It will provide 72 small apartments, coffee shop and restaurant to the front, and parking at the rear.

The building was gutted a few weeks ago, and we have been trying to find out when they intend to start. No response from them yet but we will keep trying.

Anonymous said...

If not a listed building, then it should be.