Monday, 3 August 2009

Cocaine usage at 12-year high as drug's impact widens

The British Crime Survey has revealed that the number of working-age adults using cocaine is at its highest for 12 years and more young adults in the UK take the drug than take Ecstasy. Other researc suggests its impact on society has never been greater.

BCS research indicates that a wider variety of social groups and types are taking cocaine than ever before.

Meanwhile, a survey commissioned by DrugScope, the independent organisation that maps trends in the supply and use of illicit substances, suggests that while drug addiction is not on the rise, the number of people whose lives are affected by drugs is considerably higher than many imagine.

The ICM poll of more than 1,000 people aged over 18 found that 19% had "personal experience of drug addiction" either directly or among family or friends. About 11% knew a friend who had experience of drug addiction, 6% had a family member who is or was drug dependent, while 2% - representing more than 1.2 million adults nationally - had themselves experienced drug dependency.

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