Thursday, 27 August 2009

Shame on Scotland

My view?

The Scots Government should have kept Abdul Baset Ali Al Megrahi in jail.

They seem to have a problem understanding the difference between justice and mercy.

Mercy has been satisfied - they did not execute him.

Justice has been compromised - the families wanted him executed, but he was imprisoned for life for a horrific terrorist attack. And he should be cared for (mercy and compassion) in prison (justice) until his death, where his family could visit him, unlike the innocent souls he murdered.



Anonymous said...

Sadly not that simple.

The right descision was shown, justice with compassion, he was released a few weeks before his death to die at home.

This sent a very clear message to Muslim and Arab world that we are not like you, we do not pull innocent people off the street, stick a hood over their head, sit them in front of a camera, hack off their head, then beam the footage around the world.

There is also a question of guilt, and if he was guilty, he was acting for a state that had been attacked by US, a state we are happy to deal with.

Disgusting that cheap party politics has played around the issue, though you have not descended into the gutter, as has your leader.

Scots can be proud of the descison and hold their heads high in the world.

Anonymous said...

Well.... in relation to your statement re showing the Arab and Muslim world what we are like?? we have openly shown them that they may continue to cause destruction and terror, will be brought to justice, imprisoned but hey unlike all the people they have killed and maimed they then have the right to die in the arms of loved ones unlike the victims of their crimes.
I am sure Mr Anon/ Mrs Anon if your relative had been involved we would be reading a different comment.