Monday, 26 October 2009

90,000 to be killed by alcohol

Alcohol will claim more than 90,000 lives over the next decade. The figures don't include drink-related accidents or deaths from illnesses which have been exacerbated by alcohol consumption.

According to research by Prof Martin Plant, of the University of the West of England, one of the UK's leading authorities on alcohol-related harm, 90,800 people will be killed by diseases directly linked to drinking, such as alcoholic liver disease and chronic hepatitis, and alcohol poisoning.

Plant urges that action is taken over the country's increasingly ruinous relationship with drinking, according to research.

Deaths due to drinking have trebled over the last 25 years as per capita consumption has risen to become one of the highest in Europe, That is more than one fatality per hour every day of the year. The figure does not include people who die as a result of alcohol-related accidents, such as drink-driving, or those in whom alcohol has exacerbated their ill-health, such as various forms of cancer.

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