Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Farnborough Town Centre

Work is progressing well on the Farnborough Town Centre redevelopment.

The Sainsbury Superstore is almost complete and scheduled to open by the end of the year, it is possible that Sainsburys will decide to open the new store before Christmas but I will let you know as soon as we have confirmation.

The new Travelodge fronting Victoria Road is also virtually complete and will definitely be opening before Christmas.

The remainder of the first phase involves 40,000 sq.ft of new retail space – a much needed addition to Farnborough’s retail offer. Given the difficult trading conditions, the developers have yet to confirm specific occupiers but are continuing to market the units and are confident they will attract interest once completed. As soon as occupation of some or all of the units has been confirmed, they will then continue to build out the next phase adjoining Kingsmead and along the northern end of Queensmead.

There is a great deal of activity taking place on the detailed planning for the new cinema and I will keep you informed of progress on this key part of the overall town centre regeneration

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Anonymous said...

True to form, KPI/St Modwen has trashed Farnborough town centre. We have lost many retailers, even charity shops have pulled out, the most recent to pull out being the Red Cross. People have been kicked out of their homes.

And what have we got, one Sainsbury's superstore within 50 metres of an Asda superstore. The flats have not sold and are to left uncompleted. The bingo hall has pulled out. The cinema never was.

But hip, hip, hooray, we are to get a Poundland in the empty Woollies.

- Destruction of Farnborough town centre enters final phase