Friday, 29 January 2010

Back to School...

It was great to meet up yesterday with my school mates. We are now into the last term of the year and studying research techniques and contemporary issues in public management. This is where I have to study thinking about what I am going to write my dissertation on.
So suggestions from residents on a post card please.
The following is a list I have just put together to get some thoughts working. I have divided it into three broad areas of public service management. I need to pick one that will be useful and interesting and worth pursuing.
Democracy / Community Leadership:
1. Improving community involvement and engagement. Do we need to do more?
2. Types of representation and roles. Do we have too many councillors?
3. Value and benefit of elected member training. Is it a waste of money?
4. Relationships between power and responsibility. Who has too much?
5. Partnership working, joined up government services. Is it working?
6. Are we well represented? Is gender and race still an issue?
7. Are a small neglected minority of families being dealt with effectively to improve quality of life for the majority of residents? Joined up government to deal with social problems in the community - is it working?
Service Delivery:
1. Public versus Private Managers practices. Are private managers better?
2. Statutory and descretionary services. Should we save money and abolish discretionary services?
3. Utilising, managing and working with volunteers and the third sector. Have we got the balance right?
4. Local Area agreements - are they effective in improving services
5. Accessing services for special groups, and tailoring services. Are services 'one size fits all'?
6. Privatisation and partnerships in delivery of services it may save money, but does it deliver?
Policy and Regulation
1. Impact of EU and how we feed back to improve policy. (abt 70% of EU policy ends up delivered by local government) Are we imputing into new policy or simply an EU lap dog?
2. Performance indicators - are they working?
3. Delegated power - where has all the power gone? Who is in control?
4. Organisation types, two teir (Borough/County) /unitary - could Rushmoor (Boroughs) provide all local authority services independently?
The dissertation needs to include research. Not so easy is it!!

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