Wednesday, 20 January 2010

From my MEP mate Daniel

Happy New Year from Strasbourg

If you are rushing to complete your tax return, don't read this:

Nor are Eurocrats content with tax-free incomes. At a time when national civil servants are struggling to reduce costs, they are about to enjoy a handsome pay-rise:

Meanwhile, at home, Labour has surely proved, to the meanest intelligence, its utter unfitness for office:

And its leader is consoling himself with a rather frightening poem:

We learned that you can be sued for clearing the pavement outside your house:

And, in further evidence of our health-and-safety obsession, that Labour had squandered squillions on otiose swine 'flu vaccines:

I don't want to end on a gloomy note. So, to cheer yourself up, have a look at the politician with the funniest name in Europe:

Best wishes,

Daniel Hannan

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