Friday, 7 May 2010

The longest day..... and it still isn't over.

A big thank you to the electorate who decided I could stay on for another four years. And a very big thank you to all the helpers who came out knocking doors and delivering leaflets, these included our local party members and supporters, fellow councillors, and the MP and his family. So thank you one and all. Locally we got a great 2010 election result at National and Borough level:

Parliamentary Seat:
1. Conservative: Gerald Howarth   21, 203
2. Lib Dem: Adrian Collett              15, 617
3. Labour: Jonathan Slater               5, 489
4. UKIP: Robert Snare                      2, 031
Then some others not worth embarrassing with the results.

Farnborough Empress Borough Seat:
1. Conservative: David Clifford   1, 844
2. Lib Dem: Derek Wickens        1, 071
3. Labour: Christopher Wright          397
No other candidates

So a big thank you to all who supported us this year. Whatever the national result, we will be working together to ensure our residents are well represented locally and nationally, and we do the very best we can for our area.

Now some pictures....

The local team try and force a smile

The count is scrutinised

Council Leader and wife Jill drop in to vote

Alderman and Mrs Frost come to vote

Ex Lib Dem Mayor Brian Jupp refuses to be photographed with my leaflet after knocking his door.

The Party 'Management' slightly right of 'lefty' Atilla ensure order amongst the troops

Two 'blue belles' chased as usual by paparatzi

The parliamentary vote race - blues win by a 'length'

Some of the winning 'tory team' that stayed up not only to see the result, but smiled and cheered politely after hearing the acceptance speech

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