Thursday, 31 March 2011

If I don't publish this I could face a hard time from my local beat officers...

Prime Minister the Rt Hon David Cameron, MP, speaking in the House of Commons on 16th March 2011 and commenting on policing stated officers should be ‘well paid and well-motivated’

  • ·         Tom Winsor has produced a report to reform policing – this report has looked at pay and conditions of Constables & other ranks. It says nothing about how to police our communities in the 21st century; as such it is not a reform of the service.
  • ·         The government is unable to tell us what frontline policing is.
  • ·         The report is not about fair remuneration for police Constables, it is about savings to reduce the budget deficit. The police service is taking the biggest cut of all public services. As a result the safety and security of our communities are being put at risk.
  • ·         Constables understand they have to take their share of the financial pain but the proposed cuts will leave the service vulnerable &many Constables in debt.
  • ·         ACPO say we will lose 12,000 officers over the next 4 years. Crime and anti-social behaviour in your constituency will not reduce as officer numbers are cut – if anything crime & anti-social behaviour will increase.
  • ·         We police with the consent of our communities. This ethos is being lost as we are being reduced in numbers and becoming less visible.
  • ·         As Constable numbers reduce more overtime will have to be worked to deal with incidents reported to the police, yet Constables will not be fairly rewarded for the additional hours they are ordered to work.
  • ·         The enhancements to overtime pay that are currently in place prevent management abuse will be removed. Work/life balance will be lost and Constables’ health & safety will be breached. Officers who are tired and stressed will be expected to work longer hours.
  • ·         Constables do not get paid extra for working weekends, it’s just another working day. Many only get one weekend in four off work.
  • ·         Constables do not get paid 4 hours overtime for taking calls at home.
  • ·         Constables who are ordered to stay on at work at the end of their shift do not receive enhanced pay for the first half hour worked on 4 occasions each week.
  • ·         A 2-year pay freeze in real terms equates to a 10% pay cut.
  • ·         Constables, who we know are the frontline, will be hit hardest by the proposals as any who are not on the top of their pay scale (10 points for PCs) will also be hit with a freeze on the incremental scale for two years.
  • ·         Due to the timing of these changes Constables will experience the worst reduction in living standards since WW2.
  • ·         The competency related pay (which can be removed for poor performance) is to be removed. This payment supports and recognises the career Constables as the frontline of the police service.
  • ·         Data from the Police Mutual shows some officers already face financial stress.

Support your local Constables’ health, well-being & motivation

·         Say No to the incremental pay freeze.
·         Say No to the removal of the competency related threshold payment.
·         Say No to the reduction of enhanced overtime triggers.

Constables in England & Wales are proud to hold the Office of Constable and protect our communities. We have real concerns for their safety if Winsor is implemented.

Constables – We are the frontline

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