Friday, 8 April 2011

Say no to AV

Why should the small party supporters get to choose who our MP is? This is a referendum to give more power to minority parties - a dangerous path to tread.

The launch of the No to AV campaign in Rushmoor.
We hear about the Have's - well above is the No Av's
I think that means 'no av' good taste in T-shirts

On a more serious note - this referendum must get a clear NO from residents, it is the slippery slope of taking power from the majority and giving disproportionate power to minority groups. Do we want to see the minority groups playing king maker up and down the country? I have and always will trust the majority to make the right decisions for this country, anything that encourages horse trading and deals with minorities is the politics of the asylum. Which brings me back to the T-Shirts!

Well done to Gareth (Cllr Lyon) on the far left (picture only I might add) my bright young colleague in Empress who is leading the local campaign against AV.

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