Friday, 22 February 2013

Firgrove Parade, Farnborough

I have learnt today that the planning application for the redevelopment of this site has been validated and will shortly go out for public consultation.   The new development would provide 14 residential units with shops below together with an 80 bed hotel with 726 sqm ground floor restaurant/bar with associated car parking and landscaping works.   


Simon Taylor said...

What support will be given to the businesses already there to re-locate? There are certainly two valuable, independent local businesses there that should be retained. Otherwise they will be lost forever and replaced by faceless national chains without real local value.

David Clifford said...

Hi Simon,

A good question. This planning application has been submitted by the owner (not the council) and as a responsible landlord I expect them to have discussed this application and its implications with the tenants, and to have fully discussed transition arrangements.
It has to be said that just because there is an application in, does not mean work needs to start immediately.

I have been contacted by one tenant who unbelievably had not been advised of this application and found out about it from a friend. I was shocked.

This is a matter that needs to be resolved between the landlord and tenant, and as ward councillors we are in full support of seeing tenants who have been loyal to and invested in Farnborough treated fairly and justly.

Anonymous said...

Why are you shocked the developer failed to tell the businesses that their businesses were about to be destroyed? Do you not live in the real world?

The first the tenants in Firgrove Parade learnt their homes were going to be destroyed for the Sainsbury's car park was when the saw the plans stuck up in the town.

The first businesses in The Arcade knew of plans to trash The Arcade was when they were served notice to quit by the developer.