Monday, 11 March 2013

The Tumble Down Dick - latest. Building of Local Importance?

The Tumble Down Dick at Night - when it probably looks its best

Today I asked officers formally to ask cabinet to review whether the Tumble Down Dick should be included on the list of Buildings of Local Importance, that is maintained by Rushmoor. I learnt that a formal request had also just been received from a member of the public.

I am delighted that we can now debate whether the building deserves to be on the list as opposed to a huge variety of reasons as to why it was not included on the list.

Do you think the Tumble Down Dick is a building of local importance?


Rob Stevens said...

It can look great again, if it has the chance..

Anonymous said...

Of course it should be listed as of Local importance. Its a major landmark in Farnborough and has been an important local building for centuries. There is a massive amount of info out there in books and online regarding this Historic Building. When I saw the Thomas Rowlandson painting and realised this was our original Tumbledown Dick I was amazed. I feel that this building deserves a status and Local Listing is the first step. I'm sure there are more people out there that can add much more to its history than I can. We need to save the Tumbledown, it is part of Farnborough and should stay part of Farnborough. Also Rob is right it can look great again.

Dan Boys, Farnborough said...

I echo the comments from 'anonymous'. It is without doubt of local importance. I have been amazed by the volume of work that Friends of the Tumbledown have put into researching the building and this has gone a considerably way to underline why it should be retained and refurbished as a pub and music venue. Now evidence has come to light that a substantial part of the structure is 350+ years old it would be a travesty to lose one of the last old buildings in Farnborough. Take a look around - other than the Clockhouse and the Abbey there is little of historic value left. I attended gigs up to the point of closure and it was clear that there is a demand for a venue such as this. The jobs promise from McDonalds is overstated, it would surely finish off Wimpy (which has already been uprooted once) and also damage other independent takeaways and owners' livelihoods. Add to this the continual movement of traffic on and off the Farnborough Road, the noise of traffic movements and litter. Give the young somewhere to meet, display their talents and feel a part of their community. Sadly you can't put a monetary price on this but the value is irrefutable. If there is a chance to contribute to the investment fund then I will stand up and be counted. Communities NEED places like this, hundreds of which have already fallen victim to supermarkets and fast food chains in other parts of the country. I hope the Tumbledown is given the chance to live again.

FTTD said...

It should absolutely be on the list, it should never ever have been excluded in the first place, a massive oversight there I'm afraid. The building was a Hampshire Treasure and meets all the criteria for the local listing. There would have to be very strong grounds to refuse it's rightful place on the local listing! Even Andrew Doidge from DCMS agrees please feel free to call him if you wish.

Anonymous said...

This council were the custodians of this building and it is they who sill could enforce the owners to maintain this building. Ok it may now inevitably fall into the hands of McDonalds but if it does lets really publicise the appalling treachery that has been committed by Rushmoor Council. Lets make everyone aware how the councillors have treated this issue with one of the last remaining publicly accessible pieces of history in Farnborough. I know that this area elects its council on party political lines but after this betrayal maybe some independents will stand. Maybe we could erect a monument outside the building and show the names of those responsible for its destruction.