Friday, 5 April 2013

WARNING: Voter Registration Scam

Electoral Roll
We have recently been contacted by the Electoral Commission drawing our attention to a website  that has been offering a paid-for register to vote service.   This was drawn to the Commission’s attention by Stockton On Tees and they had also received a direct complaint from the public about the site which is being prominently advertised on GOOGLE in response to searches such as “register to vote”.

The service offered includes an online application process with the form being printed by  and then being sent to the elector with a label containing the Commission's address rather than to a person's Electoral Registration Office. The company also offers to check completed applications. The website charges a £30 fee for their service as well as offering a premium rate phone service costing £1.53 per minute, plus additional network charges, to manage a person's voter registration.

The Commission is firmly against this service, as registering to vote is free of charge, with no associated costs to complete and return a form to an individual's Electoral Registration Office.   They want to make sure that no one uses this or any other service that charges for something that is straightforward and free.  They have contacted the company to ask them to cease their activities and also informed the Office for Fair Trade and Phone Pay Plus (who regulate premium call numbers) so they can establish if there are any legal and regulatory issues that need to be investigated.

They will shortly be issuing a press release urging people not to use the service and reminding everyone that they can register to vote for free by visiting, calling 0800 3 280 280 or contacting their local authority, in our case Rushmoor Borough Council 01252 398 826. Or web link

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