Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The passing of a great Farnborough Empress Councillor, Mayor and Alderman

Extremely sad to hear that Hon Alderman Alan Frost passed away on 28th June 2013. 

Alan was first elected to Farnborough UDC in 1971 and served as a councillor with Rushmoor until 1999.   During this time he served on many committees, he was Mayor in 1986/87, and became an Honorary Alderman in 2000.

I will ever remember his mischievous sense of humour and wit. He had a great knowledge of highway matters and was an excellent ward councillor - ensuring the Lib Dems never took control of Empress. A great campaigner and a great advocate and champion of Farnborough - a town he loved and worked tirelessly for.

His wife has always been his greatest asset. Sheila has been a great supporter not only of Alan but of the party and Farnborough. Ever full of energy and enthusiasm, I know she has borne a great burden looking after Alan these last few years. Alan loved his family and was extremely proud of his daughter. I am sure he felt their love and support especially these last few years. 

It is sadly at times like this your realise the important things in life are people, and it is with regret that I reflect that I wish I have visited and seen this great man more than I did. Shame on me. 

Alan, at last, is at peace. The pain and frustration of sickness is finally passed, and many will mourn his leaving.

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Anonymous said...

Nice words from you, but in the other hand a bit rude when you refer that Mr Frost was proud of his daughter and you mention his wife as well but what about his son?