Thursday, 13 March 2014

TAG consultation - Airspace Change Proposal (ACP)

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TAG Aviation at Farnborough are proposing a massive expansion of controlled airspace that will engulf the area a lot of us "free wing pilots" fly in. There is a website to view the proposals and to give feedback

Please take a look and post your objections before the end of the consultation process in May.

Our pilots have spoken to Blackbushe airport and they are not objecting because their aircraft use radio so can speak to Farnborough to get permission to transit the new controlled airspace.

We free flyers do not want to see more regulation and controlled airspace. We want less not more controlled airspace. Imagine us as the ramblers of the skies....

DC somewhere over France who have more free airspace
Tomahawk cruising - lost and down looking for road signs...


Anonymous said...

The 'silent majority' don't care about your niche hobby, the thing you hold dear.

The changes are to make aircraft movements from Farnborough safer and less intrusive for residents.

You do remember that you were elected to represent quite a few people that live under the flightpath, don't you??

Anonymous said...

Ha! Well done, "Anonymous". The proposals will affect a massive number of people from the Thames down to the English Channel. Farnborough wants twice as much airspace as Gatwick, for 1000th as many passengers! Farnborough deals exclusively with VVIPs in business jets. Hardly representative of "quite a few people that live under the flightpath", wouldn't you say?

JMcC said...

It was a mistake to use paragliding as the major reason to oppose this. TAG Farnborough are asking for a huge volume of airspace for their private clients, despite traffic falling by 14% since 2007. The new airspace is lower, ie jets will be flying lower than they currently fly and lower than they need to. This means noise. Independent studies show that 70% of all the other traffic will divert into a choke point with a collisision risk increased by ten times. This will cause more fuel. The airport has already handled the same numbers as it projects safely. If something is safe, you can't make it much safer. No jobs will be created, negative environmental benefits (noise & Co2) and no increase in safety. They just want their VIPs to arrive a minute earlier after flights of many hours.