Monday, 3 March 2014

Ham & Blackbird

Mike Smith with Cllrs Lyon & Clifford inspecting the sabotaged trees

Click on the following link to see Inland Homes Proposal:

Ham & Blackbird Developer Presentation

I would be extremely interested in views on this, especially if you did not get a chance to look at this presentation.
The developers were very polite and expressed regret at the felling of the trees ahead of this application. However polite you are cannot disguise an abhorrent application, which I will wholeheartedly oppose.


Tony stevenson said...

Apart from the loss of another Farnborough pub the real worry to me is the increased traffic on that Roundabout with additions of residents vehicles Visitors and trade Servicing .

From Tony Stevenson pierrefondes AV

Gilli said...

Thank goodness some one has some sense! What a diabolical development. Art Centre in the middle of a roundabout which most times of the day resembles the Monaco Grand Prix circuit! More , and yet even more flats. Would it not make more sense to attempt to increase the traffic flow around this area? I have just returned to Farnborough after twenty years and cannot believe the amount of flats that have been built here
Some are good with greenery around but others are just monstrosities and ruining this historical area.

Anonymous said...

If the developers are sincerely regretful for felling the trees then why dont they replace them with ones of equal age and size and leave the land Alone?
This is a ridiculous application for use of the land and they should be fined and held accountable felling the trees ahead of the application.

Anonymous said...

What action has been taken on the felling of the trees David?

Howard Newman said...

I object strongly to the development of the Ham & Blackbird roundabout for flats. It is dangerous as it is.
Have you actually considered landscaping the area with features that reflect Farnboroughs history.? I doubt it as this would only be part of making the town a more attractive place to live which I'm sure locals would prefer and not be increasing the bank balances of outside developers and I wonder who else!!!

Stuart Black said...

The actual development looks quite nice but my concern is traffic with the increased capacity car parking at Farnborough station it could become a nightmare at rush hour. So I think key is a traffic assessment.

I think Gilli's comment is interesting - why not knock down the oub if no-one wants it, redesign the whole space to change the road layout to allow traffic traveling South to North to go straight through or turn left to the station, with light controls for traffic coming from the station to turn left or right ?

This would avoid the congestion for people trying to get out of the station car park caused by those going South to North having to go around the roundabout - maybe ?

I'm not an expert but it might work.