Monday, 14 October 2013

Music Venue for Farnborough? organise live band events

Having closed the post on the Tumble Down Dick as the comments were getting repetitive, I am keen to move the debate onward not backward. One thing that was evident was the disappointment in losing a live band venue. 

I am 150% in favour of a live music venue in Farnborough, and would welcome feedback and ideas as to how we accomplish such a worthy aspiration for the town.

It would be good to have a cultural venue for music and other arts etc in a location with good access and easy parking. Could the Community Center be expanded, or rebuilt? Is there room for a new build in the area, if so where? What other options are there?

The Council has no current plans - this is just a local Councillor considering what options would be of interest. 

Is there interest?


Anonymous said...

Yes great idea...

Needs to be large, well known......perhaps somewhere to grab a drink too. Oh yes, and preferably near a main road, near the A325 perhaps ?

There used to be somewhere like that in Farnborough...let me see now, what was it called...


David Clifford said...

Yes - good to get this one out the way early, and thank you for being so predictable.

Err - who owns it? And err lets see who has the money to buy it - hmmm indeed....

Also preferably not near a main road like the A325 - lots of people have been excited about extra traffic - we don't want to offend or upset them do we?

Glad you think it a good idea. Good to start with some common ground.

How about expanding the Community Center?

Donna Wallace said...

Are you serious? You celebrate the destruction of the Tumbly and now you think it is a good idea to have a live music venue in Farnborough! You need your head examined. Or is this your pathetic attempt to win back the votes you lost? Too late.

Anonymous said...

Words fail me. Your previous blog entry was a clearly calculated attempt to rub salt in to the wounds of those who campaigned against allowing McDonald's to develop the Tumbledown Dick. You attracted widespread criticism for doing so...and then follow up with another clearly calculated attempt to [you know the rest].

Last time I visit your blog. I have taken little interest in local politics in recent years. But as a resident in Empress Ward, will be voting tactically to remove you when the opportunity next arises.

You don't come out of this well at all.

David Clifford said...

A big thank you for pointing out the unforgivable spelling error. Got their in the end.

Unknown said...

I don't know why the community centre can't be used as it is? Plenty of parking, a stage, hall and bar. What else is needed?

David Clifford said...

Dear Donna,

No one is celebrating the destruction of the TDD. In fact you could not be further from the facts. There are none so blind as those that will not see.

We are celebrating the saving of the Tumble Down Dick. The argument is whether we like who has saved it.

I also think the worst of places for a music venue is right on a main road. I hope I do not have to spell out why!!

Finally, can I win back votes I never had? Most of the anti vote posts struck me as rabid socialists, Tories tend to be a little more polite.

Which brings me nicely to the point that on Rushmoor this was a cross party disagreement. All political parties were on both sides of the argument. It is just myself that bothered to make my views more public.

That is because I think I should be accountable to the electorate. Not to be confused with simply voting the way the noisiest residents want me to vote.

Now back to the important bit.

I think more could be done to get live music in Farnborough, and I also think there has to be a real opportunity to get live music at the community centre. It is after all a community facility....

David Clifford said...

Dear Tactical Voter,

Good to know you have principles.

And I for one believe it better that you vote for someone you do not believe in (and against the best candidate) than sit on your hands.

David Clifford said...


Good point well made. Have you ever considered being a trustee? I personally think it would be healthy for the community centre to get some 'young blood'.

I have now offended 75% of the council and voluntary sector....

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The Elles hall main hall has a capacity of just 50 people. This is not enough. As Simon says, there are a lot of other activities going on there that would not fit well with evening music (things like dog training, adult education etc)

A non starter.

Unknown said...

Not sure I am 'young blood'. But yes, the old boys network can be quite short sighted and I think they would need quite some persuading to allow amplified music into a building more used to photographic clubs and knitting circles...

In any case, not enough hours in the day for all my other projects, let alone this!

Unknown said...

50 people seated, yes. Although I've seen more than this in there. Standing, it must be 200+.

Lorraine Crossingham said...

Yes, i think a live music venue would be great for local bands and young people to use for workshops/lessons. The community centre could be used to begin with and more space could be developed if it takes off. It is right next to the skate park so already has a connection with the 'youth'.
Lived in Farnborough all my 44 years and never went near the TD because of the yuk factor so a clean safe space would be far more attractive.
Maybe a small music festival to get it started? With the cinema coming it could make the town centre more of destination especially in evenings?

Unknown said...

Good point Lorraine. The police station is next door, which Hampshire Police have said they will probably sell in 2015. So, there are opportunities there. That is a site which could be redeveloped.

Anonymous said...

How funny - all of those who were so desperate to save the Tumbledown to create a "live music venue" in Farnborough have suddenly gone quiet!

Why is it that when an opportunity is available to them they suddenly all go quiet!!

This post has received 10% of the previous blog post - yet this is the opportunity to try and start something and really make a difference!

For what it's worth, I'd love to see a live music venue in Farnborough, but I'd like to see it created from an existing building - preferably through modification. That will help keep the costs down, as live music isn't particularly profitable.

I'd also like to see it incorporate "session rooms" and a recording studio so that it's not just all about live music on a Friday night, and can become a music "hub" all week long.

Has anyone spoken the the Tech College to see how they'd like to be involved, as they have a music technology course.

Anonymous said...

I think the silence is probably an indication of the regard Mr Clifford is held in now.

People can make plans and push for them without having to engage with Z list politicians...

David Clifford said...

I think the silence is an indication that this was not about a music venue at all.

I think the silence is a realisation the arguments from most were going round in circles and ended up contradicting each other.

But while there is silence some of us will be quietly working on to realise something that I feel is needed in Farnborough.

A good live music venue.

One that Z list politicians like me can go and enjoy delighted that I am ignored by 0 list protesters.

David Clifford said...

Stand by for an update, as I think a few strands here are very worthy of further exploration.

Anonymous said...

No, it was not about a music venue.

It was actually about a music venue and a pub that also happened to be in a building which is an "iconic" (Diane Bedford's words) part of Farnborough history.

This proposal has not saved anything. Any one of the above points should have seen it guarded by our council and community - with pride.

Instead we see history trampled and debased with the cooperation of people like Mr Clifford, who once appeared to champion the concept of retaining some heritage.

It is like getting a beloved pet stuffed; It might look (slightly) like it used to but it will never bring the joy it once did.

Music will find a home in Farnborough again (one way or another), but this blatant damage limitation exercise is just cringeworthy reading now. Goodbye.

Lorraine Crossingham said...

I think that the forthcoming event this Saturday in Farnborough could be an opportunity to gain the amount of interest in a music venue, with the space for workshops. I believe bands will be performing.

I for one would like to have a venue for my children to go without alcohol whilst there could be a bar for larger evening events. We attended an excellent drumming workshop at the library last year which was booked out. We normally have to travel so it would be great to have a local venue.
I grew up in Farnborough and remember the dearth of activities for teenagers and would not like my own children to go through that. The local colleges would also be excellent venues to tap into. It would also be great to use a space for the 'retired' aswell - I am sure the baby boomers would also appreciate a music venue for all the community - they are not all into tea dances.

David Clifford said...

A Question: Is there anywhere in Farnborough that has "Open Mike" nights. Where the acoustic equipment is all in place, local talent can just bring their guitar or other instrument and sing or play.

I am not talking about karaoke - I know there are a few of those.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Swan Inn Farnborough every other Wednesday. It's been running for about 3 years now. The next one is 30 Oct then it's every 2 weeks from then on. It's pretty good. It's a real shame there's nowhere with a stage. If the council had jumped for it they could have upped their game and tried to save the town's purpose built venue at the Tumbly but they didn't (and David, you held yourself in a terrible manner relating to this!)

Anonymous said...

It is better to not vote at all, than vote in the least worst of a bad bunch.

Democracy means more than a cross on a ballot paper, it means active participation of the local comminity.

Anonymous said...

People opposed destruction of The Tumbledown Dick on many grounds, to assume only on McDonald's, is to demonstrate how out of touch with the local community. Try reading through the 590 objections (which will be more than the committee bothered to do).

- destruction of local heritage

- loss of live music venue

- McDonald's

- bad employment practices

- damage the the local economy

- traffic congestion

- litter

- antisocial behaviour

- bad for the image of Farnborough

- health, especially obesity and type 2 diabetes

Demolition of a heritage building for a Drive-Thru McDonald's is not to save the building.

A network of live music venues is important, and no, somewhere else will not do.

McDonald's was opposed on very good grounds.

The head of planning welcomed McDonald's, claimed it was good for Farnborough.

How? No evidence was produced to support this ludicrous statement.

65 low-wage, part-time, de-skilled, zero-hours McJobs is not good for the local economy.

Money drained out of the local economy, is not good for the local economy.

Externalised costs to the local and national economy of litter, traffic, air pollution, antisocial behaviour, health.

The committee was told no problems of anti-social behaviour, litter, traffic at Farnborough Gate. This was simply not true.

Locally, very poor health statistics compared with the national average (and that is in itself poor). Committee was told to ignore health even though health is a material planning consideration.

The image of Farnborough is now that of a rough inner-city slum, with a town centre to match, which is why those with the means go elsewhere, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, anywhere other than Aldershot and Farnborough.

The McTown image pushed by a McCouncil is reaping the rewards. A 99p Store has opened, planning permission has been applied for to open a gambling arcade. To add to the mix all we now need is a few more fast food joints, betting shops, and pay-day loan sharks.

No, people have not gone quiet, they are simply redirecting their efforts elsewhere. Having blocked people from commenting, you cannot then complain they are not commenting.

End of last week, the Council tried to justify inviting the Fat Clown into town, by publishing a pack of lies on their facebook page. These lies were well and truly rubbished. A detailed analysis exposed the lies for what they were. That detailed analysis has been removed.

Anonymous said...

An Open Mic night is usually an invitation for rubbish.

If you want to hear good music, try John's Jam, Old Ford pub, by North Camp Station. It depends who is playing, but usually some of the best musicians locally. Tuesday night, late until early hours of the morning.

West End Centre, Aldershot. Check out their programme.

Caffe Macchiato, Aldershot, occasional live music.

The Barn, Farnham. Usually Friday and Saturday night, late until the early hours of the morning.

Occasional live music evening, Harris + Hoole, North Street, Guildford.

Staycation Live, Godalming, in the summer, by the River Wey. Last year one day, this year two days.

For more information, search on the net.

You will note not a single one is in Farnborough. Technically, the Old Ford is in Guildford. With the loss of The Tumbledown Dick, no live music in Farnborough.

Anonymous said...

I receive tweets from all over the world, none are rabid. The only exception being trolls.

On the other hand, if I look a the tweets scrolling through this blog, nearly all would meet the definition of rabid. They are of the level of a Sun reader.

Andy Clark said...

OK so putting aside the obvious Tumbledown Dick comments. Yes I would very much like to see a decent and dedicated live music venue in Farnborough, one that appeals to all genres, styles and ages, able to attract bigger bands and gives opportunity to up and coming bands too. I would also suggest a venue that can run under 18 events too. My concern would be that there seems to be some suggestion that a new Community Centre would be an ideal venue but this would be at the expense of the skate park and some nice green space at the Library. A good venue, in my mind, would be the police station.

Andy Clark said...

OK so putting aside the obvious Tumbledown Dick comments. Yes I would very much like to see a decent and dedicated live music venue in Farnborough, one that appeals to all genres, styles and ages, able to attract bigger bands and gives opportunity to up and coming bands too. I would also suggest a venue that can run under 18 events too. My concern would be that there seems to be some suggestion that a new Community Centre would be an ideal venue but this would be at the expense of the skate park and some nice green space at the Library. A good venue, in my mind, would be the police station.

You will find a lot of people very much want a live music venue, however there are currently a lot of folk being a little guarded on who the keep company with.

David Clifford said...

Progress: I have now spoken with the Council Leader and portfolio member for leisure and we are exploring in earnest a venue for live music in Farnborough. Will keep you posted.