Thursday, 11 January 2007

Time for Tory MEP's to leave EPP

French Farmer Joseph Daul new leader of the EPP

Tory MEP’s are members of the European Peoples' Party (EPP) the largest political group in the EU. The EPP has elected this week (Tuesday) French farmer, Joseph Daul, to lead them. It has been kept very quiet here in Britain. Mr Daul was Chairman of France's National Association of Beef Farmers when it called for the continuation of the ban on British beef long after the EU wanted it lifted. Mr Daul wants to see the EU Constitution adopted and is a keen supporter of the Common Agricultural Policy. He supports the wasteful existence of the two homes for the European Parliament, which comes as no surprise as he represents an area close to Strasbourg.

It strikes me that Monsieur Daul opposes everything our MEP’s stand for. This begs the question. Why are Tory MEP’s still members of the EPP?

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