Friday, 5 January 2007

What I said last Council Meeting (for the record)

Two important issues were discussed last Council Meeting (7th December 2006), and I got up and spoke on both. Just so there is no misunderstanding about what I said, I will for the benefit of fellow councillors and residents confirm it here.

1. Rushmoor Local Development Framework: I am fed up with and appose the large number of flats being built in the Borough and am frustrated that the Planning Committee seems impotent, toothless and gutless in opposing it. I said to Cllr Dibbs (Executive member for the Environement) that if he could convince me that the new framework would better protect us from more flat development, I would vote in favour of it with him. He did not convince me so I voted against it. And I was frankly disappointed that I was the only person to do so.
2. Rushmoor Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan: I am very keen to save and protect our beautiful planet which I believe has been created for us. And it is wonderful that the Council has spent time and money putting this document together telling us all to do more. But it simply smacks of lip service unless our local leaders act rather than just put their names to such documents. I will have more confidence in the Borough's committment to this document, when I see the Cabinet and Directors of the Council getting out of their Chelsea Tractors and using more eco friendly modes of transport. I voted in favour of the plan.

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