Friday, 16 February 2007

Empress Community Safety Meeting

Last night we held our first Ward Community Safety Meeting. In attendance were neighbourhood watch coordinators from all over the ward along with church, education, sport, business and retail representatives. The meeting was organised by the Empress Police beat officers Lee Jeffers and Bev Woodhead, along with your Empress Borough Councillors Patricia Hodge and myself.

The purpose of the meeting was to identify the 3 top priorities for the police to tackle in the ward. The next meeting in May (meetings will be every 3 months) we will review what has been accomplished in tackling these 3 priorities and then set another 3 priorities. And so it will continue.
The meeting took 2 hours, and set the following 3 priorities:

1. Cove Green - to tackle anti social behaviour and provide facilities for young people.
2. Town Center - tackle anti social behaviour.
3. Cycling - deal with cyclists that endanger pedestrians, but also work to make the cycleways clearer and more obvious.
In May I will report back what we have done to address these issues.
If you want other priorities considered please drop me an email or leave a message here.

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