Monday, 4 June 2007

Off to Normandy this weekend

Off on my homage to Pegasus Bridge this weekend. To salute all the old soldiers who gave their lives in a foreign field that will be forever England. One of these trips I am going to fulfill my ambition to see Pegasus Bridge from above floating down under a canopy. I feel it such a privilege to go and remember quietly, in the presence of the remaining noble veterans, the sacrifice that so many made for freedom from tyranny.
It is sobering to remember that young British men and women are still giving their lives in foreign fields today.

It is also ironic that a Government full of ex CND peace protesters have engaged us in what has now become a British Vietnam. With the added dimension, thanks to unchecked immigration, poor community integration and a host of other politically correct reasons, of having a "fifth column" here in Britain blowing up as many innocents as possible. And the Prime Ministers solution - £1m to boost Islamic studies in UK Universities.... right!! So this is how one gets Government funding.

Is this what our Grandfathers fought for? I wonder whatever, this wonderful generation of gentlemen who fought on the beaches of Normandy must think of our Nation now. Or am I just a bigoted little Englander, who should be hung for thinking such things.

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