Friday, 29 June 2007

My passing out charade ....

May I thank everyone that has called and left messages. I was amazed how quickly Council officials learned of things - I may as well have had the event in the town centre, rather than the privacy of my back garden. Everyone knew within hours!
I am sorry to have disappointed so many, my "event" not being bad enough for a by-election. The family are also devastated. Returning home I found them in floods of tears with insurance policies and cruise brochures all over the floor.
The thought has crossed my mind that I really ought to change my life style now, and take up drinking and smoking. Having been a life long non smoker and soft drinker spending a few hours in the gym each week, I should not have been surprised at what happened!! Anyway, lesson learned - do not miss breakfast and lunch and drinking water, when out to break all your records at the gym.
I must say how impressed I was with my first experience of the Surrey Ambulance Service. A Paramedic was with me within 10 minutes, and an Ambulance crew within a few minutes after that. A first aider was on hand, Melina, who knew exactly what to do. So it all went as well as it could in the circumstances. Frimley Park Hospital were great and although busy kept me comfortable, well examined and well looked after. They even provided Dinner, a healthy "bangers and mash".
Residents will be pleased to hear I am in excellent shape for my years from the neck down - its the neck up that may be a problem, which, most of my political colleagues will confirm, is an issue they have already and frequently expressed reservations over. However, unlike them I will soon have a scan proving I at least have something there..... I hope.
QUESTION: Have your experiences of the Ambulance service, Frimley Park Hospital and your local GP been as positive as mine?

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