Saturday, 13 October 2007

English Rugby - how sweet

I did not want to talk about the rugby earlier, but now is definately the time to talk about it. What a contrast with our over paid, bad behaved and poorly performing England Soccer team. I knew I should have gone with my mate Bill this weekend.
Our English rugby team really have redeemed themselves after an abismal start. They have done a lot of soul searching I am sure and really dug deep and pulled back to where they should be through shere determination, dedication and hard graft.
And how sweet to beat the French in their premier statium on their home ground, the year they host the world cup. I could feel the French supporters screaming in frustration!!
I loved the match - Johnny Wilkinson delievered just when it was needed, and proved what a key player he really is and Jason Robinson has been constantly fantastic. What great roll models for our country they are, again in stark contrast to overpaid, badly behaved spoilt footballers.
Now we again find ourselves in the Rugby World Cup final, will we be playing South Africa or Argentina? I personally hope we get to play South Africa and bury them and the humiliating defeat we suffered against them at the beginning of this tornament.
Well done English Rugby

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