Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Empress Community Safety Partnership

Tonight we had the first public meeting of the Empress Community Partnership. The two beat officers Lee Jefferes and Bev Woodhead did a presentation showing what had been achieved over the last year.

Held on Tuesday 2 October 2007 at 1900 hours at the offices of Rushmoor Borough Council, Farnborough, Hampshire

1. Welcome and Introduction by Cllr David CLIFFORD and PC Lee Jeffers (Beat Manager).

PC Lee Jeffers advised that he would be updating on issues raised at the first meeting of this Partnership Forum, held on 15 February 2007. He would also welcome notification of any new concerns.

PC Lee Jeffers gave an overview of role of the partnership and listed the current membership.

2. Community concerns raised at meeting on 15 February

These included:
Anti-social behaviour around Cove Green;
Anti-social behaviour around \Farnborough Town Centre;
Cycling offences around Empress Ward.


AIM: To reduce anti-social behaviour and replace with acceptable youth activities


Section 30 Dispersal Order
Since the Notices of this Order had been put up, in the early months between February and June no groups had needed to be dispersed. As the youths started their summer break from school towards the end of July and into August 2007, it was necessary to curb nuisance behaviour by enforcing a total of 28 dispersals in the whole of the dispersal area. As a result of the positive effect it had on the nuisance problem the current Order was renewed up to February 2008,


Increased: Police patrols, alcohol seizures, regular review of reported occurrences.
Repositioning of CCTV camera on Cove Green completed.
Youth activities: A suitable location had been identified on Cove Green for a mini hard standing football arena with youth seating area, as requested by the youth using the recreation ground. The local residents have been spoken too by Cllr Clifford and the response has been in favour of the proposal. The proposal is now back with Rushmoor Borough Council for advancing the planning stages.
Consultation was still required in relation to lighting and whether it was required or not.

Cllr Clifford shared the information that the area originally mooted was between the tennis courts and the allotments but local residents had vehemently opposed this, thus a more acceptable site was located.

Cllr Clifford noted that it was heartening that on at least one occasion, youngsters themselves had reported an incident of drug-taking by individuals in Cove Green area.


AIM: to reduce anti-social behaviour and replace with acceptable youth activities


Section 30 Dispersal Order – similar comments as for Cove Green;
Towards Safer Car Parks – KPI installed “mosquito” sirens in car park staircases (pitch of these sirens means that only 13-18 year olds are likely to hear them), which appears to have reduced nuisance problems in the car park. Longer-term solution agreed to increase lighting, improve CCTV and use reflective paint to internal walls. RBC was engaging with supermarkets in relation to abandoned shopping trolleys and have agreed to take formal actions.
Police patrols had been out in the town during evenings, working towards non-confrontational dialogue
Subsidised activities that occurred over the last 6 months, ten-pin bowling and Wednesday party events had offered youths congregating around the Town Centre, alternative fun activities.
New social venue for local youths almost complete for opening. This was positioned in an area between the Police Station and the Community Centre.

Cllr Clifford noted that there had been a great improvement in the area; he felt that much of this was thanks to having 2 pro-active beat officers.


AIM: To encourage safe cycling, implement education/training to young cyclists, increase safe cycle routes in Empress Ward and reduce cycle offences.


Two Police Officers and four PCSOs had been trained to tutor cycling proficiency courses and partnership cycling proficiency courses had so far been agreed in principle to be run at 7 Junior Schools in Farnborough.

Information Notices (reminding cyclists as to the meanings of various cycling warning and information signs had been circulated within EWCP and handed out at relevant local venues (including higher education establishments).

Meetings were being held with RBC Highways, input taken from the Public, Police, Councillors, EWCP etc, and a Cycle Plan was currently in progress including ideas for cycle routes. In relation to the short term solution of enforcement, 74 £30 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) had been issued, mainly in Union Street and Prospect Road.
Cycle route along Union Street had been agreed by Hampshire County Council.


(a) Cllr Brian PARKER - KFC extension of business hours / Nuisance / Cycling on pavements along Victoria Road.
Action: Rushmoor licensing officers compiling an objection to KFC extension in relation to complaints received from local residents. Awaiting an update from the application. Cycling on pavements in this area will be looked at by PC 1145 Jeffers and WPC 744 Woodhead under Operation Encouragement as with the current problem at Union Street.
(b) Cllr Mike SMITH - Concerns raised over Cove Green, ‘What if Youth activity creates a problem’?
Action: Cllr Clifford stated it would need to be reviewed if the youth area is not successful.
(c) Mrs HUNT - Rectory Road / Coleford Bridge Road – traffic complaint / Parking Rectory Road.
Action: Cllr Clifford to raise parking issues with Highways at RBC. Traffic matters to be raised by WPC 744 Woodhead with Roads Policing Unit for targeted patrols. (Area may be considered as next community concern?)
(d) Mrs PHELPS - Dukes Court nuisance problem still present / vehicle nuisance / Asda / security of premises issue with main door.
Action: Nuisance problem still under targeted patrols by PC 1145 Jeffers and WPC 744 Woodhead under Operation Jacobsen. Security of main door to be raised with KPI by PC 1145 Jeffers in support of residents. (Area around Dukes Court may be considered as next community issue?)
(e) Mr WICKENS – Debate whether meters are necessary on Prospect Road / Orchard Road and the knock on effect into surrounding roads.
Action: Cllr Clifford to raise this concern with RBC Highways in relation to the knock on effect, especially in Marrowbrook Lane.
(f) Mr WICKENS – Concerns of future potential flood threat.
Action: Mr WICKENS to raise this concern with the Environment Agency.
(g) Mrs JONES - Lighting on car park pay meters at Farnborough Leisure Centre.
Action: PC 1145 Jeffers to raise this concern with Mike Bamber at RBC car parks for immediate repairs
(h) Mrs JONES –Advice sought on the nuisance problems at the entrance to the leisure centre.
Advice: PC 1145 Jeffers stated that the first port of call should be by Town link radio to RBC CCTV so that any problems can be immediately recorded for evidence. If staff feel threatened then they should then call 999.

The date of the next meeting, planned for January 2008, would be notified.

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