Sunday, 11 November 2007

Family Roll of Honour

We sometimes forget the cost this Nation paid with the blood of its sons for peace in Europe during two World wars. That tradition continues today with a new generation of young men and women who are prepared to pay the ultimate price in order to bring peace to communities far from our shores. They do not do it in vain. They are making a positive difference in the lives of people, despite the cynical views of some.
Most families do not realise the number of relatives lost in their family in just the first world war. We were reminded in the sermon today that there was, over the period of that war, an average of 4000 deaths a week.
Our Family Roll of Honour
David Pullen: 1813-90 (51st Regiment of Foot) Storming of Rangoon 1847
John Robt Townsend: 1842 - 1932 (Queens Own Gloucester Hussars)
Frank Edwin Powell: 1892 - 1979 (Royal Navy) Served on HMS Victory
Henry Albert Sanders: 1877 - 1953 (Royal Artillery) fought in the Boar War
Charles Hardaker - killed - 22 Aug 1915 (AIF) Gallipoli, Turkey
Patrick McBride - killed - 26 Oct 1915 (DLI) Houplines, France
Francis Trudden - killed - 15 Oct 1916 (DLI) Somme, France
Denis Trudden - lost - 6 April 1917 (SS Powhatan) Atlantic
Arthur Merrell - killed - 12 April 1917 (Gloucester Regiment) Arras, France
George Richards- killed - 2 Aug 1917 (South Wales Borderers) Ypres, Belgium
Charles Penfold- killed - 12 April 1918 (Royal Fusiliers) Hazebrouck, France
George Williams: 1889 - 1965 (North Somerset Yeomanry) Prisoner of War
John J Townsend: 1873 - 1959 (AIF)
William T Jackman: 1882 - 1966 (Royal Fusiliers)
Patrick Clifford - lost - 1st Feb 1943 (HMS Welshman) sunk by U boat 617 in Tripoli Harbour, Libya
Albert G Godwin: 1912-98 (Royal Engineers) captured by Japanese in Hong Kong 1940, survived the sinking of the Lisbon Maru, by an American submarine, and survived the Japanese prison of war camp.
Francis Clifford: 1933 - 2001 (Royal Corps of Transport) served in Malaya and Aden
And I have a few more I need to find more information on to add to this noble list..

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