Friday, 16 November 2007

Time for a Farnborough Civic Society to be formed

It is high time Farnborough had a Civic Society.

We are under huge pressure locally from developers and government policy and it is about time we had a local non political lobby group that kept an eye on developers, the airfield, local and central Government and their agencies. Farnborough has some treasures and a civic society would be the ideal body to scrutinise and protect what we have and what is thrust upon us at times.

It would influence the thinking and actions of people who shape and manage the built environment in a variety of ways. In addition to the practical projects it would carry out, the Farnborough Society would respond to consultation papers issued by central and local government and its agencies. issue position statements that capture the views of local people on a variety of community topics. Take part in focused campaigns, harnessing the lobbying power of Civic Society membership to change policies and attitudes.

Contact me if you wish to join me in setting up the first Farnborough Civic Society.
For more information on Civic Societies visit the Civic Trust web site

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